Free Meetings

Our Meetings are free and open to anyone with an interest in digital photography. Typically we meet the second Thursday of each month from 7-9pm (see the Calendar).

Typical Meeting Topics

  • Welcome
  • Recognition of Volunteers
  • General Announcements from the club and from the audience
  • Guest Speaker(s) on photography and imaging topics
  • Ask the Expert: questions about photography, workflow, computer applications, etc. Our members possess a wealth of knowledge about these things and are willing to provide answers and assistance.
  • Slide show of members’ monthly theme photos; a highlight of each meeting. Members may submit up to six (6) images every month. Jeff Bileau produces an entertaining musical slideshow that’s presented at the meeting.
  • How-to demonstrations
  • Show and tell of members’ pictures or other skills
  • Critiques of images submitted by members
  • Judged competitions four times per year (club and FCCC)
  • Welcome New Members
  • Door prizes (members only)
  • There is also a mid-meeting break (a good time to become a member)

Monthly Meetings Archives


Free Meetings — 24 Comments

  1. i’m fairly new to photography,maybe 2yrs.i’m interested in attending and joining..when is your next meeting?

  2. Thanks, Would like to attend the meeting on Feb 13th. with my wife. Please let me know if OK. Regards, Dick Stanton

  3. Do you have a meeting scheduled for Thursday Feb 13th. I am visiting the area and would like to attend. I do not see it on your calendar . Thanks, Dick Stanton

  4. Hi Chris
    Thank you for visiting our site.
    If you navigate to the CALENDAR you will find the addresses listed under each event.
    In addition to the regular monthly club meeting, we also offer other lectures, workshops and club outings.
    We look forward to meeting you in the near future!

  5. I just found and plan to attend a meeting in the near future. A quick note for others, like myself, who are interested the location is 5029 Tamiami Trail East, Naples Florida 34113. Maybe this could be added to the meetings information page or is it there and I missed it.

  6. Just became a resident. Professional up north. Concert photography, gallery work, published work, album covers, posters, websites, international magazines, events etc. Looking to discover nature, events and beauty in the lens of Florida. I need a group of enthusiasts to share skills. Too scary taking close ups of gators by myself! Your group looks great, educational and fun. Do you meet in the summer too? Can I just walk into a meeting? Thanks! Carla

  7. I would like very much to join the photo club but I cannot drive after dark….I have a lifelong involvement with photography with 16 B& w prints at the Bibliotics National. at 90 years old and living at Livinston Rd and Vanderbilt Rd. I wonder if there is a way I could make contact with a member who lives close to me….thank you

    Selwyn Mills

  8. Just received a beautiful Nikon coolpix for Xmas is your venue the place to go for beginners. Always had a desire for photography

  9. Thank you for asking. We ALWAYS meet on the second Thursday of each month. Your question prompted me to see a weakness in our menu item “Free Meetings” (if you clicked directly on the only item below it (announcements and archives) you missed the information available if you had clicked just on the top menu words themselves. so.. I added an “About DPI-SIG Meetings” below the top menu item “Free Meetings”
    See the menu now. Thanks again for your question.

    Bill the Webmaster

  10. Attended Gordan Campbell’s photography presentation at Regional Library last week. Jon Kennedy invited me to your Club meeting when we met today while I was shooting some photos. Just enjoyed your website and appreciated their winning photographs. I plan to attend your meeting this Thursday.
    Thanks, Bonnie Planck

  11. Our meetings are general in nature without specific one on one time. However members often exchange ideas before the meetings and at breaktime. We do have “roundtables’ where a small group of members up to 10 get together to discuss topics they bring to the rountable. As a member you could go to them and might pick up good info. We do not have specific workshops at this time.

  12. I am curious to how your meetings run. I recently upgraded my DSLR and am in need of help figuring out a better workflow. Do you guys do one-on-one time at the meetings or take time to go over different areas to the whole group? Outside of the meetings, once a member, do you have workshops?

  13. You need nothing to attend our meetings. Indeed please come as you are so to speak.

  14. To Rabbit:

    Sorry, for the delayed response,

    The DPI-SIG currently has no information about carpooling or ride-sharing.
    This appears to be the first time this has come up.

    Be glad to have you at our free meetings if you can make your own arrangements!

    Kind Regards,


  15. I just learned about DPI-SIG a few days ago. I finally have a chance to check it out, but I was curious if you guys know of anyone that does carpooling or ride-sharing? I’m currently living at the St. Matthew’s House, but I’d really like to get into this group. There just aren’t any buses that run that late (makes me miss home, ha!)

  16. Sundrish,
    Thank you for your interest and inquiry. You can join at any of our monthly meetings which are open to the public. By attending one you will get an excellent opportunity to see what the club has to offer and join immediately if you wish. Please come. We’d be glad to have you there!
    Kind Regards
    Bill for Sonny and Bill, Founders of DPI-SIG

  17. I have recently moved to Naples and very interested in learning photography skills. I want to join DPI-SIG of Naples Florida. Please let me know how and when I can join this group.


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