Theme of the Month

Theme of the Month photo submission deadline is midnight Monday before the monthly meeting!
2021 DPI-SIG Monthly Themes
January Monochrome Street Scenes
February Symbols of Love
March Doors, Windows & Stairs
April Animal & Bird Portraits
May Flower Power
June Seashore Souvenirs
July American Spirit
August Details in Nature
September Fountains, Ponds & Puddles
October Low Point of View
November Moments to Cherish
December Holiday Celebrations

Instructions for photo submissions

  1. JPEG files only
  2. Rename your photos as follows:  First Name Last name_nn (underscore followed sequence number 2 digits).
    Example:  John Doe_01, John Doe_02, etc. Sequence number will determine order in which they will be displayed. Please DO NOT include any additional information when renaming the file!
  3. Resize photo to 1024 pixels on the longest side. If you use Photoshop to resize, check  “Constrain Proportions” box and enter only 1024 in the vertical or horizontal box depending on which side is the longest one. A calculated value will be automatically placed in the box which is left empty. PC users who have FastStone Image Viewer have this option available to batch resize in one easy, quick step.
  4. Email photos to
    • Include all photos in ONE email as attachments
    • DO NOT zip photos into one folder
    • DO NOT embed photos in the body of the email

Following the above procedures will cut processing time dramatically and insure that all of your submitted photos will be displayed at the proper resolution and in the correct order.