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Hi! I was trying to decide which editing program to buy. I’m not looking for something thts going to take me 6 months to learn. Which one is easier to use lightroom or photoshop 10? Thanks for the help ,Ray


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  1. Hi Ray

    If you are taking many digital pictures as in special events, trips, club outings, etc and plan to really get into digital photography in an intense way then Lightroom is – IMHO – a must for you. It costs more and it is easy to get intimidated by the many extra unneeded features – but it’s the best.

    If you are taking pictures on a more casual basis like family photos here and there, occasional trip photos and the like Photoshop Lightroom ELEMENTS 10 which is more oriented to casual photographers might be a better choice. It’s cheaper and not too hard to learn the basics – although it too has many extra unneeded features to confuse the beginner.

    If you are a beginner and just want to “Wet Your Whistle” for a bit you might try Faststone Image viewer. see http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm. It’s freeware (donation supported) and many club members use it. It is easier to learn than Elements 10.

    Finally another interesting option at the consumer level is Google’s Picasa. It’s a little short on editing features but has great display of photo groupings nice output options.

    Bill Coakley