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I am currently using Photoshop Elements 13 and Lightroom 5 as my catalog and editing programs. Adobe is advertising it’s CC Photography Plan that includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom for $9.99 a month. This sounds very tempting but since I know nothing about this concept, I have several questions about it.

  • What experiences/recommendations have other members had with this setup.
  • What are the pros and cons.
  • If someone decided to no longer pay the monthly lease, what happens to the programs? Do they lock out so that you would need to purchase the full versions if you wanted to continue to use them, or can you continue to use them but without updates or enhancements?

Thank you!

Barb Koenck


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  1. R. L. Caron replied:

    I’ll leave the other two to others — but the question about “what happens” is one that I have addressed recently with two different experts.

    If you get Lightroom CC via subscription — but later cancel, you will be allowed to purchase at a discounted price Lightroom 6.x and continue with Lightroom only as before. Photoshop will be disabled.

    If you choose to simply stop the subscription and pay nothing further — you will not be left “high and dry.” Your version of Lightroom will still provide access (with search capability) to your full library and you will be allowed to export any or all of the photo files as before. However, the editing and import functions — essentially all the modules except for Library — will be disabled.

    Your photo files — both raw and jpegs — will also be accessible from other programs such as Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 and the Macphun series (Mac only) and most if not all will still be able to read your edits from the sidecar files.

    I believe Adobe has been very careful to not leave anyone in a lurch — even if they find the subscription model is not for them.–


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  2. Michael Schleider replied:

    I have it and it is great and very reasonable.

    I have downloaded Photoshop, elements, PDF Pro- to name a few.

    You never have to buy sw again and have all the latest updates. The plan also includes tech support. If you figure out the cost of an upgrade for a new release than this monthly fee pays for it.

    Also, you can use the cloud to store your work and use it on more than one platform with out having to buy additional software.

    Call their customer service and have them work out a plan that fits your needs. If you ask they can give you some promotional pricing. Mention your DPI sig membership too.

    Michael Schleider