DPI-SIG Outings Sept 2013 to Apr 2014

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DPI-SIG Outings Sept 2013 to Apr 2014 by Ron Perkins

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1. September 21, 2013, Saturday,  6 am, photographing birds at Harns’ Marsh, Fort Myers, FL,   sunrises  7:03 am  Trying to get special permission to unlock gate.  Walking as much as you want, from beside the car to several miles.i-SIG

2. October 5, 2013, Saturday, Pepper Ranch, Fort Myers (acres and acres of sunflowers with special early entry permission)   sunrises  7:30 am  We will be driving and stopping in Pepper Ranch.   This is the day of the Pepper Ranch Sunflower Festival which officially opens at 10 am — but, 7:30 am for DPI-SIG.

3. November 2, 2013, Saturday, 7:00 am Naples Heart Walk  (a DPI-SIG tradition and service project)  Need you to photograph, not to walk!!

4. November 9, 2013, Saturday, photographing Kowiachobee animals, (a DPI-SIG tradition and service project)  LIMITED

5. December 7, 2013, Saturday Afternoon/Evening, Holiday Outing the Costa Rican Way:  music, food, wine, borrowed Kowiachobee animals, Juan Water Falls . . .

6. January 11, 2014, Saturday Morning, photographing Shy Wolf animals, with discarded evergreen backgrounds and new animal coats. LIMITED (a DPI-SIG tradition and service project)

7. February 5 and/or 6, 2014 Wednesday/Thursday, photographing the Miami Zoo —  An overnight trip for some.  sunrise 7:03 am, sunsets 6:30 pm  (considered one of the best zoos to photograph as no fences in the way.   Hint: get in shape to run real fast or buddy with someone who runs slower!!!)

8. March 12, 2014, Wednesday Evening, Sugden Park, Naples, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm hoping to photograph a family of woodpeckers, etc.   sunsets  7:35 pm

9.     April  15, 2014, Tuesday Morning, photographing shore birds, Tigertail Beach, Marco Island  8:00 am.   Low tide 8:02 am   Sunrise  7:02 am   Dawn Breaks 5:43 am

To those who attended the DPI-SIG Perseid Meteor Night Sky Outing  (August 10th & 11th, Saturday and Sunday nights) Please send a few photos to Ron for DPI-SIG Website Outing Show:          dpi-outing@naples.net

Reminder to DPI-SIG Members, 20% off canvas wraps and framing for the month of August at Dennis Goodman’s Gallery 152


Ron Perkins
DPI-SIG Outing Director
7540 San Miguel Way
Naples, FL 34109
239-431-5061      home
203-984-4148     cell

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