Outing update July 21, 2012

Ron Perkins, Outing Director:  dpi-outing@naples.net

Corvette Show – Saturday, July 22, 20112,  Seminole Casino Immokalee,  4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

At 4:00 PM sharp pick up your “unofficial” photo badges in the parking lot.   I will be holding a red, He-filled balloon.

**We have just learned that the Seminole Casino will be providing all DPI-SIG members with FREE Concert bracelets, usually costing $28 each.   Les Schwartz, arranged for these bracelets and claims no knowledge of the type of music being played.    He reminds us that “in spite of the music, there are pics to be had.”     Ron noticed that this is their first annual “Fantasy of Funk Festival” …..so probably classical music.**
HDR Part II  – Friday, August 10, 2012, Fort Myers Congregational Church of Christ, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

You do not need to have attended HDR Part I, to attend HDR II.    In this FREE HDR instruction, you will need a set of bracketed shots and Photomatix Software installed on a laptop.

If you have already purchased Photomatix Software, PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER!!!!!!  
Special Photomatix Software Pricing:

1. Ron P:  When you download Photomatix Pro, use the coupon code STUCKINCUSTOMS to receive a 15% discount. Cost will drop from $99 to $84. Or, download the trial version for an unlimited amount of time for FREE …… of course, expect to have a most beautiful watermark across every photo until program is purchased!!

2.. Dianne:    “if you have a number of people interested in purchasing Photomatix, you can get a 50% discount if it is done all at once.   We did it for the 3rd time this spring, of course getting the required eleven people all to submit their checks by the deadline is the problem!!!  But this is the 3rd time we’ve done a group purchase, and the Photomatix people are very good to deal with.
They send you one license key for all 11 but then if you send them the names and email addresses of the 11 purchasers they send you separate license keys for everyone.”  
3. Michael S.:  “I learned a lot and got great shots with my Sony camera.  I was able to bracket both standard Aperture priority shots and also auto HDR shots. I already processed the pictures with my HDR software and they are great.
I purchased  PhotomatixEssentials3  It does it all.  The price was $39.00 and with the discount was $33.15  I got it from HDRsoft.com and I used the discount code:  DoubleConvex

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