Meeting notes December 2014

Digital Photography and Imaging – Special Interest Group
of the Naples Free-Net Naples Digital Photography Club
Meeting Notes of December 11, 2014

To all DPI-SIG members and other interested parties:

A sincere welcome to our five new members!
Frank Caponegro, Michael Damanski, John Pigman, Sherwin Ritter and Brian Stoll.




Our slideshow producer, Jeff Bilyeau, presented our monthly theme photos of: COLO R S   OF   CHRISTMASfor our 125th meeting.  The slideshow included 132 images submitted by 23 members.  Thank you to every member who participated.  What a slideshow this was – six members submitted a picture of the cake brought to the Holiday Social, Christmas music galore, and a wild dance routine by animated Santa elves Sonny & Bill to Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!”  It doesn’t get much better!  The photos shown at the meetings will also appear on the web site’s page of slideshows  Note: These shows require a PC type computer that can run Pro-Show Gold software.  Check Jeff Bilyeau’s workshop in January and learn how to make slideshows (check under Special Interest Groups).



The Women’s Workshop is having an art show at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Napa Road, through the month of December.  In the first hour and a half, nine photos were sold!  Congratulations to the Women’s Workshop for their creative & artistic approach to photography.


Congratulations to the winners of the Best Picture of 2014 in the DPI-SIG Year-End Competition.

Beginner Category: Diana Calleja for her “In the Breeze” photo of a vibrant and colorful Egret.

Advanced Category: Nic Provenzo for his “Where’s the Surf” photo of five colorful surfboards.

They both received engraved plaques for their photographs.


Congratulations to Harold Kurzman for winning the grand door prize at the meeting.  It was a HUGE green basket filled with photo goodies as well as many other treats.



Damaris Gonzalez, DPI-SIG Social Director, and her husband, Juan Gonzalez, hosted the 3rd Annual Holiday Social 2014, held on Saturday, December 6, 2014.  What a party! Over 100 members & guests enjoyed live music, tons of food, wine, photo opportunities with Kowiachobee’s white tigers, snakes, lizard, and various other small animals.   Juancito, a Cuban musician, played the saxophone, flute, and saxophone.  John Calleja was on the keyboard.   One of the many group shots around the pool was posted on Facebook.    Many thanks to such a gracious couple who opened their home and beautifully landscaped property to DPI-SIG for this truly enjoyable evening. 

F. Y. I.

…..Have you seen Issue #3 of the DPI-SIG Magazine?  It’s online – go to our website and see the many hours Bob Brown has contributed to make this another successful endeavorPlease feel free to send your images to Bob for subsequent issues of the online magazine.  He likes to stay ahead by a couple of issues and not be pressured by the deadlines.  Issue #4 will be published by December 31, 2014.


…..Rosie Cabrera, Temporary Fundraising Director for DPI-SIG, sold coffee/tea mugs priced at $12.00 each.  In addition, two mugs were given as door prizes at the meeting, plus two more were given in the grand door prize basket.  The mugs will be brought to each meeting; you just need to bring money! Proceeds from the sale of the mugs are added to the Social Committee funds. 


…..Did you notice the Power Point presentation recognizing all the volunteers who make DPI-SIG such a success?  Thanks to Art David for his efforts in matching the faces with the names of our volunteers!  The slideshow of volunteers will run during the break at every meeting.  This slideshow allows members to learn the names and see the faces of the hard-working people who generously give of their time to make DPI-SIG one of the most active camera clubs in Florida.  Volunteers also wear a lime-green name badge to help identify them.  If you have a question about the club, ask a volunteer!


…..Have you ordered your Polo shirts?   Call SEW SHORE UNIFORMS at (239) 774-4655, extension 03 and ask for Becky Main to order your shirt.  Price will vary, depending on number of orders, but generally figure on $40 per shirt (Add $2 for 2XL and $3 for 3XL.  SEW SHORE UNIFORMS is located on 3845 Beck Blvd, Units 809/810, Naples FL 34114.  Beck Blvd. is the extension of Davis after crossing Rt. 951 (Collier Blvd) on the way to Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  DPI-SIG will NOT be taking orders for shirts.  It’s up to members to order on their own or get together with several members to order at once.  It would be beneficial to go to the store and try on a sample shirt to make sure of the correct size.  Notice the women’s & men’s styles.  

                                                      Women                                                 Men




Jennifer Semro, the new Art Show Director, said to watch for an announcement from the Art Show Committee about the upcoming Art Shows in 2015.  If you have a place you would like to have the Art Show Committee investigate as a possible venue for an art show, please contact Jennifer:




Don Fischer gave a brief update on the 2015 FCCC Conference which takes place March 6-8, 2015, at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers.  Don was sorry to announce that Rick Sammon had to cancel his appearance at the conference.  However, Rick has been replaced by another one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light professionals: Adam Jones.  Don recapped Adams impressive resume and discussed the three roles Adam will have at the conference: Friday Morning Off-Site Outing Leader, Friday Afternoon On-Site Workshop leader, and Saturday & Sunday Breakout Session presenter.  Don also announced the names of the 14 companies who have signed up to participate in the Trade Show.  The complete list is on the FCCC website in the Conference section.


Don also announced that the Steering Committee made the decision to limit registrations for the conference to 500.  He encouraged everyone who is interested to register early before the limit is reached.  You can visit and click on the Conference tab to view the information.



Last month, Bob Brown announced a new feature to the DPI-SIG Magazine, which will start with Issue #5, and called “Top Pick.” The magazine staff will select their “Top Pick” from an issue. The member selected as the “Top Pick” will receive a large canvas print of their image.


The following staff members will determine the top pick from DPI-SIG Magazine’s “The Gallery”: 

Art David; Jim Robellard, Bob Brown, Betty Saunders.  Along with Sonny & Bill, the staff is not eligible for “Top Pick.”


Like all previous issues, you may submit up to 4 images per issue.  There are no categories, no themes, no date restrictions as to when you shot the photo.  The staff will select their top five images and give each a score.  The highest score is the “Top Pick”.  None of the maker’s names will be visible when the staff judges the images. 


This should be a fun feature for all. Almost all of us send six photos for the monthly meeting theme show. They are a lot of fun and really show the talent of our members. But, those photos only appear for a brief moment then most are never seen again. The magazine gallery provides a permanent place to showcase your images to a huge viewership anywhere in the world.


Send your images at 1280 pixels on the HORIZONTAL side. The horizontal side is the short side on a portrait oriented image and the long side on a landscape oriented image. Please include the image title, date taken and its metadata. Refer to previous DPI-SIG Magazine issues “The Gallery” for samples.


ISSUE 5 and 6 (and beyond) SUBMISSIONS

Articles are being accepted with Photos for Issues 5 and 6. If you have a 3 or 4-part article, it will go to the next sequential issue.

Gallery photos – Send them in batches of 4. If you have more, such as 8 or 12, let me know which issue you want them in.

Regular email reminders will be sent.  Please send your submissions as early as possible. There are a lot of steps to make the magazine work and the early submissions gives Bob breathing room to make it happen.



The security features in place are there to protect your photos and articles, such as:

a) Can’t right-click to copy text

b) Can’t right-click to copy images

c) Can print at 150 dpi


To contact Bob about writing an article, submitting photos, or questions about the ads, contact: dpi-editor@naples.netRemember, the magazine only works with your participation! 



Peggy Farren provided several guidelines for “Event Photography.”  She reminded us to be respectful of the event planners, don’t dive into the appetizers, dress conservatively, and above all delete a photo of a person if it is “bad”.  No one likes to see a bad picture of themselves.  Of course, she also listed the equipment needed to make your job easier, among them a diffuser for the flash to achieve soft lighting.  If you missed this presentation, you can always take one of Peggy’s classes to enhance your skills in many genres of photography.  See below under PHOTOGRAPHY, CLASSES & EXCURSIONS for her current class list.


Nancy Garrison & Richard Tindell, Competition Co-Directors, announced the winners of the DPI-SIG Year-End Competition, which was comprised of the winners of the 3 previous competitions of 2014.  Congratulations to the winners!

Beginner Category

Diana Calleja – First Place, Picture of the Year, “In the Breeze”

Jim Russell – 2nd Place – “Boy on a Cloud”

Helene Skerry – 3rd Place, “Castle in the Sky”


Advanced Category

Nic Provenzo – First Place, Picture of the Year, “Where’s the Surf”

Ron Perkins – 2nd Place, “Downtown Fort Myers”

Bob Strutzel, 3rd Place, “Mystery”


The members’ Picture of the Year for Beginner & Advanced Category received an engraved plaque and their images, which will also be presented in our new brochure for 2015. 


The first DPI-SIG 2015 competition has begun for any image you have made in the past 5 years. It is open now and closes on Jan 12, 2015. Winners will be announced at the February 12th meeting.


With our new entry system each member submitting needs to get a password and entry submission directions. Send an email to to request registration and a password and directions will be issued.


Each member may enter four (4) images in any combination of the 3 categories. There is no division for Advanced or Beginner makers. All images in each category are judged as one group.  The categories are:

Traditional Color All color images are acceptable and permitted. Any adjustment/enhancement is allowed while keeping the image realistic. Natural looking High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are allowed, as these images differ only by exposure. Images in this category cannot be obviously manipulated.

Traditional Mono – All monochromatic images which are either completely desaturated, or contain only a single color tone (e.g. sepia) are eligible for this category. Any adjustment/enhancement is allowed while keeping the image realistic. Natural looking High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are allowed, as these images differ only by exposure. Images in this category cannot be obviously manipulated. 

Creative Color or Mono    DPI-SIG defines a creative image as one that is “recognizably altered by manipulating a composite of more than one unique image or by an obvious change in natural color, form, shape or any combination of the three.”  The original image, any alterations, and all incorporated elements must be created by the entrant. However, the original photographic content predominates and must be identifiable.  Any subject matter is acceptable as long as the creative alteration is apparent. Obvious High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are considered creative images. If any supplementary images are found to be taken from another source, the submitted image will be disqualified. The committee has the right to request the original images, if questioned.  Good Luck!



DPI-SIG Competitions Dates 2015

December 12 through January 12, 2015 – theme/OPEN (no topic)

April 10 through May 11, 2015 – theme/WATER

August 14 through September 14, 2015 – theme/HAND OF MAN


FCCC Competition Dates 2015

1st Tri-Annual Submissions February 1 through February 28, 2015

2nd Tri-Annual Submissions June 1 through June 30, 2015

3rd Tri-Annual Submissions October 1 through October 30, 2015


FCCC 3rd Tri-Annual Competition of 2014

Christine Cook announced the ribbon award winners of the FCCC 3rd Tri-Annual Competition of 2014.  Congratulations!!!

Advanced Color, BlueRibbon

Diana Calleja – “Naples Yellow”

Bob Brown – “The World at 9028 Feet”

Mike Matthews – “Humming Acrobat”

Joe Parisi – “Grouper in Blue Azure Sponge”


Advanced Color, Yellow Ribbon, Honorable Mention

Ronald Reid – “Marco Eagle Building Its Nest”

Jim Robellard (2) – “Crayola Boats”; “Teacup Rock”

Harold Kurzman (2) – “Tennis Illusion”; “Ribbon Cutting in flight”

Bob Brown – “Bryce Canyon Sunrise”

Ron Perkins – “Jasper Canada”

Jennifer Brinkman – “Muley Twist Inn”

Benjamin Carp – “Sea Butterfly”


Advanced Monochrome, Blue Ribbon

Mike Matthews – “Bad Day to be a Mouse”


Advanced Monochrome, Yellow Ribbon, Honorable Mention

Rosie Cabrera – “Lost in Thought”


Advanced Creative, Blue Ribbon

Christina Skibicki – “Nowhere”


Advanced Creative, Yellow Ribbon, Honorable Mention

Christine Cook (2) – “Ocean Fire”; “Embodiment”


Beginner Color, Yellow Ribbon, Honorable Mention

Kristen Little Kozlow – “Concentration”


There were no ribbon winners for Beginner Monochrome, or Beginner Creative.



Three of our members volunteered to photograph the 25th Annual Naples Christmas Boat Parade, on Saturday evening, December 13, 2014.  The parade, with about 35 boats, was coordinated by the Marine Industry Association of Collier County.  The theme of this year’s parade, befitting its 25th anniversary, was Silver Bells.  Our member photographers were Ken Crague, Gwen Tyler and Rosie Cabrera

During the year, we get many requests from non-profit organizations to photograph their events.  Please sign up and do your part for a worthwhile endeavor when you see a request.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer; they just want someone to take pictures.  It’s our chance to give back to our community.


Mike Matthews has graciously agreed to be our new Outing Director.  He has several outings in mind for 2015.  Mike and about 12 of our members signed up to photograph the Florida Panther Preserve on Saturday, December 13.  It was a hike on a two mile trail with the park staff. This area is not usually open to the general public, but they were invited to help gather photos to use promoting the preserve.  Watch for the announcements as Mike discovers venues for the monthly outings.


Thanks to Don Fischer, Vendor Relations Coordinator, our discount program is VERY active!  We currently have 18 vendors offering discounts to our members. For details about the program, the vendors, the available products, and how to obtain the discounts, check out our DPI-SIG Member Discount Program page on the DPI-SIG website:, click on Member Activities in the bar across the top of the page, and then select Membership Discount Program.  Don is continually working to add more vendors to the program, so regularly check the website for updates. If there’s a vendor you would like him to contact, let Don know: dpi-venco@naples.netWe need to support these vendors, who are kind enough to offer us a discount!



PHOTOSHOP USERS GROUP(PUG) WILL NOT MEET in December!  See you in January!


ELEMENTS USERS GROUP WILL NOT MEET in December.  See you in January!


DPI-SIG PHOTOGRAPHY ROUNDTABLE will be held on Thursday, December 18, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Location is upstairs at 5029 Tamiami Trail East in the Village Falls complex.  The Roundtable is an informal and friendly gathering of club members (beginner and advanced) to talk about anything dealing with digital photography and imaging. You might have a question or two about buying a new digital camera, or you may have a new camera that you’d like to “show and tell” the group. Maybe you are having a photo-editing problem, or a computer question you’d like to get some input. Bring your questions, answers, solutions, discoveries, prints, equipment, and ideas to share with the group. The floor is OPEN to have fun and talk about anything related to digital photography in this no-pressure, congenial atmosphereYou must make a reservation because space is limited.

LIGHTROOM USERS GROUP (LUG) WILL NOT MEET in December.  It’s Christmas!  We will resume the sessions on January 22, 2015. 

PRO SHOW USERS GROUP (PSUG)WILL NOT MEET in December.  We will resume the sessions on January 26 2015. 

WOMEN’S WORKSHOP: The next creative workshop will be New Year’s Day, Thursday, January 1, 2015, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the CrossRoads Community Church, 1055 Pine Ridge Road, (just west of Goodlette Road) Naples.  ALL members are invited!


TOPIC:  Creating Photographic Art with Textures and Text, by Cathy Nocera.


HOMEWORK:   Send up to 4 images based on the presentation CREATE YOUR OWN TEXTURES AND BRUSHES by Sandee Harraden at the 12/4/14 meeting.  To accommodate a range of skills and preferences, you can submit photos of textures that you have taken in nature or around the house; you can use textures you’ve taken to enhance photos; or you can create your own textures in Photoshop. You can also create a texture by spinning your zoom lens while taking the shot or by lightly shaking your camera or taking out of focus images of color or light patterns. Anything with textures is included! You can also submit photos in which you have created your own brush or signature stamp as demonstrated by Sandee. The sky’s the limit! Don’t hold back because you are not an advanced user of Photoshop.


CRITIQUE: We encourage everyone to send images, regardless of level of expertise. Those who have had images critiqued recommend the process as a great learning experience.  Please be sure to specify “critique” in the subject line of your image.


The deadline for sending images is:  Tuesday, December 30, 2014.  Reduce image size to 1024 on biggest side. 

Send images to Christine Cook  We look forward to seeing you there!  No reservation necessary.



DPI-SIG LIBRARY: We now have over 100 items in our DPI-SIG Members’ Photography Training Library.  If you have any photography training CD’s or DVD’s that you are no longer using and would like to donate to the DPI-SIG Members Library, please send an email to and we will arrange to pick them up.  You may also bring your donation(s) to the monthly meeting.  Go to the website and check the list of available instructional media available to members.  We are constantly adding new titles to the library.  Your selection will be delivered to you at the next monthly meeting.


DPI-SIG FACEBOOK PAGE: We have a Facebook page for members.  It’s a “secret page”, which means you will have to find a DPI-SIG friend to invite you to the page.  If you don’t know a DPI-SIG member who is on our page, contact Randi Rush Morse,, and she will be your friend!  Randi is our Facebook Coordinator, and Evelyn Perez will be helping her post announcements and keep our DPI-SIG Facebook up to date.  This is a great place to share ideas, photos, tips, and events with other members.

FACEBOOK PAGE:  Please don’t register people who aren’t members of DPI-SIG on our Facebook page.  The page was set up for our members only, otherwise we keep getting posts from people we don’t know.


This month’s Glossary terms:Terabyte” The terabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information represents the fourth power of 1000, therefore one terabyte is one trillion bytes or 1,000 Gigabytes. The symbol for the terabyte is TB.Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Naples Florida, 6340 Napa Woods Way, Naples 34116, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. (See directions at the bottom of this notice.)

Last month’s Glossary term:  “Perceptual Colorimetric” If any colors in the image is beyond the range of colors the printer can produce (the color gamut of the printer), the image is desaturated to the point that all colors are printable. The key benefit of the Perceptual rendering intent is that the relative relationships between colors are retained. Therefore, you don’t end up with certain colors remaining saturated and other colors getting desaturated, producing an “odd” effect in the image.

Please check the glossary on our web site for more digital photography terms!




Next month’s themeis:  “S I G N   O F   T H E   T I M E S” . Members are eligible to submit 6 pictures or a 2 minute video to:   Please follow the procedure for renaming and resizingphotos.  Refer to: and click on “Topic of the Month”.   Please follow these guidelines:  Use your name only and the order number you want the images shown.  Title is NOT needed!  E.g., John Doe_01, John Doe_02, etc.  Please do NOT send zipped files.  If you like to plan ahead, theme topics for the entire year are listed on our web site.



ExhibitThe DPI-SIG Women’s Workshop has an art show at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on 6340 Napa Woods Way, Naples FL 34116.  “Artistic Imagery in Photography” featuring the creative works of photographic art by members of the Women’s Workshop will be on display and for sale during the month of December. Hours for viewing:  Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Sundays 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Competition:Camera USA National Photography Exhibition and Award 2015; Deadline is March 18, 2015 to enter this juried competition. The von Liebig Art Center, Frederick Watson Gallery, Park Street, Naples.  Entry fees: $27 member; $32 non-member.  Many of our DPI-SIG members were accepted to show their work in this competition last year.

Camera USA is a competition that features recent work by photographers residing and shooting in the United States. A single award of $5,000 will go to one photographer. This exhibition has proven to be well-received and highly representative of a variety of photographic styles. An accompanying non-themed photography exhibition will feature recent work in color and black & white photography by NAA members. Following the preview reception this exhibition is on view from June 15 – July 17, 2015. For viewing the exhibit, admission is free of charge during normal gallery hours.

For Sale:  Canon 60D Body (3 ½ years old), good condition, includes charge, 3 batteries, manual, cleaning cloth.  Canon EF-S 15-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens (new); Canon EF-S 55-250 mm, f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens (new); Canon 300DG Bag (new); Targus 58 Inch Tripod (new); One 32 GB Class 10 SD Cards (suitable for movies & stills), One 32GB Class 4 SD Card (suitable for stills only); Latest firmware installed (v1.1.1).  Price $725. Contact Harry Hanbury 239-272-5274 or

Holiday Happenings

TUESDAY, December 16, 2014. Chabad Naples Presents Frozen Chanukah – A Winter Wonderland Festival, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., at Cambier Park, 580 8th Street South.

WEDNESDAY, December 17 through December 23; Dec. 26-20, 2014; and Jan 2-4, 2015, Night Lights at Naples Botanical Garden, 4820 Bayshore Dr., Naples.  6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (varies by date) $9 adult members; $17 other adults; $5 member children. $7, other children; children under 3, free.  239-643-7275.

THURSDAY, December 18, 2014. Tuba Christmas Concert on Fifth Avenue, Naples, returns this year, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sugden Plaza, Fifth Avenue South, Naples.  Free Admission.

THURSDAY, December 18, 2014.  Santa Paws…doggie photos with Santa 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Village on Venetian Bay, 4200 Gulf Shore Blvd., N.  Naples.  Free Admission.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, December 18, 19, 20, & 21, 2014. Holiday Pops.  The von Trapp grandchildren and the Naples Philharmonic Chorus, 8:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 2:00 & 8:00 p.m. Saturday; and 7 p.m. Sunday.  Artis-Naples, 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd, Naples. $50 – $98; 239-597-1900.

FRIDAY, December 19, 2014.  Manhattan Connection performs from 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Naples Italian American Foundation, 7035 Airport-Pulling Road N., Naples. $10, per person. 239-597-5210, press 2

SATURDAY, December 20, 2014. “The Nutcracker”  by Naples Academy of Ballet, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at  Gulf Coast High School, 7878 Shark Way, North Naples. $15-$30. 239-732-1000.

SUNDAY, December 21, 2014. Naples Dixieland Jazz Band, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m., 580 8th St. South, Cambier Park Bandshell. 

SATURDAY, December 31, 2014. New Year’s Eve Fireworks! 7:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Naples Pier, 12th Ave. S.

SATURDAY, January 3, 2014.  Art in the Park, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Runs first Saturday each month through April.) Cambier Park & 8th St. South.  Presented by Naples Art Association, showcasing talents of NAA member artists.  Work accepted through jury process and must be a member of NAA. 239-262-6517.  Stop in and see a few of our members who are involved in this art show.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, January 3 & 4, 2014. 19th Annual Downtown Naples New Year’s Art Fair, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 5th Avenue South.  This is a well-established art festival with fine art and crafts.  It draws approximately 230 local, regional and national artists.



Check Peggy Farren’sclasses, guided tours and eventsHer classes range from the beginner to the advanced photographer’s needs.  Classes sell out quickly – sign up early!  There are discounts on class prices for early registration. Check her web site for directions, times and class descriptions:

January 2015

   3       Bird Photography $139/159

10       Business of Making Money – Portraits $139/159

14       PS Elements Cram Course  $79/99

17       Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography hands on begins  $262

17       DSLR beginner  $55/70

21       Lightroom class 1 of 3  $79/99

22       Composition  $79/99

28       Lightroom class 2 of 3  $79/99

30       Light Painting and Night Photography  $139/159

31       Flash on and off camera $79/99


February 2015

  4        Lightroom class 3 of 3 $79/99

  7        DSLR Intermediate $79/99

10        Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography hands on begins  $262

10        DSLR /beginner  $55/70

14        Cars on Fifth photowalk FREE

17        Composition $79/99

20/21  Location Portraiture guest instructors John & Susan Francis

ONLY $149 early registration for a full day and a half of hands-on instruction.

Don’t miss this!

24        Flash on and off camera $79/99

28        Photoshop CC/CS cram course $79/99


Day Trips – each $199/299 per person

Nov. 20, 2014             Miami – Vizcaya and Wyndham District

Dec. 29, 2014              Everglades & Everglades City

Jan. 27, 2015                Myakka & Sarasota National Cemetery & Ringling Museum

Feb. 18, 2015               Everglades

Mar. 11, 2015             Burrowing Owls & River District



Jan. 15-18, 2015         Everglades Workshop $749/899

Feb. 4 – 6, 2015           Ladies Mt. Dora trip $845/945  SOLD OUT!

Mar. 19-22, 2015        Everglades Workshop $749/899

Apr.30-May 3, 2015   St. Augustine Workshop $749/899

May 10-15, 2015        Trip to Cuba $2895 per person


To make your reservations, contact Peggy Farren at (239) 263-7001, or


P H O T O   R E P A I R:  Peggy Farren’s studio is now an Official Repair Depot representing Southern Photo Technical Service.  Drop off cameras at DPI-SIG monthly meetings or Understand Photography, 2383 Linwood Ave., #302, off Commercial Drive, on Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or Saturday 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Cameras will be shipped for repair at an average cost of $25 roundtrip.


Sharon Antonelli is offering her Tours of India for 2015.


January 28 – February 12, 2015        Highlights of India Tour

            February 14 – 25, 2015                      Ganges, Nepal & More tour

            February 26 – March 9, 2015                        Elephant Fair & Holi Tour


To experience and explore India, with tours designed for the photographer, please contact Sharon at, (301) 717-8131.


Sonny Saundersis offering his digital photography class through the Collier County Public Schools Adult & Community Education.

BASIC THROUGH INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY, CANON DIGITAL CAMERA: This class is designed to teach you how to get the most out of your digital camera. All the features and controls found on the simplest point-and-shoot model to the most advanced D-SLR will be covered. You will learn what each camera control and function is for, and when and how to use them to get the best pictures possible. Learn to capture what you see and feel. No camera or photography experience is necessary, just the desire to learn. Non-Canon camera users are also welcome.

Schedule: Tuesday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM; 6 sessions; starting January 13, 2015, ending February 17, 2015.  Location: Barron Collier High School.  All 6 sessions for only $79.00.        Easy to Register! Online:, Phone: (239) 377-1234 or By Mail: Adult & Community Education, 5600 Cougar Dr., Naples, FL 34109. 


Mike Matthews and Dennis Goodman are offering a FROG AND REPTILE MACRO WORKSHOP on Saturday, January 31, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn, 16410 Corporate Commerce Way, Ft. Myers, FL 33913.  You will have the opportunity to photograph 15-20 species of exotic reptiles and amphibians such as the red eyed tree frog, and brightly colored poison dart frogs.  There will be numerous lizards, snakes, and a few other unusual and fascinating animals.  All animals will be set up in a natural setting in a controlled environment with live plants, flowers, leaves & bark to produce some of the most stunning photographs that would be hard to duplicate even in the wild.  Cost of the ONE day workshop, is $399.00.  Payment in full is required to hold your spot.  Maximum number of participants 14.  For more details contact: Mike Matthews at 239-896-6999,, or Dennis Goodman at 239-825-4677,

Gear list: Macro lens 50mm, 100mm, 180mm, ring flash, twin flash, or speed light with a diffuser, extra batteries for both camera and flash, extra compact flash cards.  Tripods will not be needed.




at Florida SouthWestern State College (formerly Edison) in Building J.


DUES:  Our membership dues are $30.00 per year. We also have a student rate for membership at $20.00, for age 18 and under.  You will be notified by email when your dues have expired and need to be paidDues must be current to be included in the privileges of DPI-SIG membership, such as: Outings, Special Interest Groups (Photoshop Users Group, Lightroom Users Group, Pro Show Users Group, Studio Workshop Group, Roundtable, Women’s Workshop), Art Shows & Exhibits, Vendor Discounts, Theme Picture submissions, DPI-SIG Competitions, FCCC Competitions, special workshops, etc.


We request that you also continue to make a donation at each meeting, in the receptacle provided at the entry table, to help offset the rental cost.  Many thanks to all who contribute each month.


Do you know of any family, friends, co-workers, or anyone with an interest in photography?  Please feel free to bring them to our meeting and encourage them to join us!  Most of our new members are referrals.  Remember to use our DPI-SIG business cards and DPI-SIG brochures to invite potential members to our meetings.   AND, don’t forget to welcome new people at our meetings.  Those of you who attend regularly know familiar faces, but don’t forget the people who are at our meetings for the first time.  We all like to feel welcome!  Extend your hand and start talking photography!


Reminder:  All Meeting Previews and Meeting Notes are posted on the website:, if you want announcements posted in these Meeting Notes, please give the information in writing, either at the meeting, or by email before or immediately after the meeting, to Betty Saunders,


December 18 – DPI-SIG Roundtable @ 6 p.m., limited/by reservation only

January 1 – Women’s Workshop, 6:00 p.m., no reservation needed

January 6 – Deadline to submit Monthly Theme Photos “SIGN OF THE TIMES”

January 8 – DPI-SIG Meeting @ 7 p.m., Florida SouthWestern State College, Building J



                Warren Barber: Computer Consultant

            Jeff Bilyeau:  Monthly Theme Slideshow Producer; Pro Show Users Group Director

            Jennifer Brinkman: FCCC Publicity Director

            Bob Brown:  DPI-SIG Magazine Publisher & Editor

            Rosie Cabrera: FCCC Awards Coordinator; Temporary Fundraiser Director

            Ed Carroll – Video Committee

R. L. Caron:  Studio Workshop Instructor

Bill Coakley:  Co-Founder; Webmaster; Lightroom Users Group Coordinator; Art Show Committee    

            Ed Cohen:  DPI-SIG Competition Committee

            Christine Cook:  DPI-SIG’s FCCC Rep.& Print Comm., FCCC Digital Comp. Dir.; Women’s Workshop Dir.

Tom Cunningham: Studio Workshop Group Co-Director

Art David:  Liaison, Naples Art Association; Art Show Committee, Magazine Staff      

            Laura DePamphilis:  DPI-SIG Competition Committee Chairperson

            Peggy Farren: Allows use of her studio for DPI-SIG workshops

            Don Fischer:  Vendor Relations Coordinator; Assistant Librarian; FCCC 2015 Conference Chairman

            Joe Fitzpatrick: Meeting Photographer

            Lorri Freedman: FCCC Website Coordinator          

Mark Freedman: FCCC Webmaster 

Nancy Garrison:  DPI-SIG Competition Co-Director

            Damaris Gonzalez: Social Director

            Eric Hansen:  Video Committee; Past FCCC President & Executive Director                  

Mark Helfgott:  Sound Consultant

            Teri-Ann Keene: Meeting Assistant

Pat Kumicich: DPI-SIG/FCCC Print Competition Committee

            Harold Kurzman:  Public Relations Director

            Toni Mazur: Video Committee

            Priscilla McGuire: Coordinator, Volunteer Photographers/Non-Profit Organizations; Art Show Comm.

            Chuck McKinney:  DPI-SIG Logo, Brochure & Business Card Designer

            Elaine Michaelis: Liaison, Marco Island Center for the Arts

Randi Morse:  Facebook Coordinator

            Evelyn Perez: DPI-SIG/FCCC Print Competition Committee; Assistant Facebook Coordinator

            Jim Robellard: Magazine Staff         

Darleen Rowe: Studio Workshop Co-Director

Betty Saunders:  Membership Registrar; Art Show Committee; FCCC Secretary, Magazine Staff           

Sonny Saunders:  Co-Founder; Roundtable Coordinator; DPI-SIG & FCCC Librarian; Art Show Comm.

Carmen Schettino: FCCC Print Competition Director

            Marcel Seamples:  Art Show Committee; FCCC Treasurer

            Jennifer Semro:  Art Show Director, Art Show Committee

            Christina Skibicki: Photoshop Elements Users Group Director    

Nancy Springer:  Art Show Committee; FCCC Southwest Florida Area Representative

            Richard Tindell: DPI-SIG Competition Co-Director; Photoshop Users Group Director; Critique Director

            Gwen Tyler: Meeting Assistant       


Remember, our camera club functions because of our volunteers.  Please let us know what you are willing to do to help keep this a very active, thriving, energetic and fun group of photographers!



A very special thanks to Florida SouthWestern State College for the use of their great facility. 


The following email addresses are for use by club members:     For members to contact the Art Show Director    For members to ask questions online     For members to email entries for DPI-SIG competitions         For members to email critiques of images online.          For members to contact the Editor of the DPI-SIG Magazine         For members to contact the Librarian                 For members to photograph Non-Profit Organization events         For members to contact the Outing Director & email pictures from Outings     For members to contact the Pro-Show Director                For members to send Publicity/Promotion items to the Publicity Director                 For members (or anyone) to send anything to the Club Founders           For members to contact the Social Director         For members to contact the Studio Workshop Director         For members to email images for Monthly Theme slideshows          For members to contact the Vendors Relations Coordinator      For members to contact the Women’s Workshop Director                  DPI-SIG Web site              FCCC Web site          DPI-SIG Facebook Page


DPI-SIG is a Special Interest Group of the Naples Free-Net, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization providing education and internet services to over 4,000 registered members and the public at-large.  The Naples Free-Net is entirely run by volunteers and the only remaining Free-Net in the country. 


DPI-SIG meetings are held, unless published otherwise, at 7 p.m. each second Thursday of the month at the Conference Center, Building J, of Edison State College, Lely Campus.  Turn west onto Lely Cultural Drive, at the first traffic light south of Rattlesnake Hammock Road on Route 951 (Collier Blvd.).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2015!!!



Betty Saunders – Meeting Notes Editor










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