Four DPI-SIG OUTINGS, Mark Your Calendar!!


Four DPI-SIG OUTINGS FOR MEMBERS ,  Mark Your Calendar!!

June 20, 2013  (Thursday, 10 AM)  Tour of HITEK IMAGING
Peter Pilger, owner of HITEK IMAGING, will show us different ways of commercially reproducing your photos:  canvas, acrylic, tiles, metallic etc.   One of his customers sold over 1,000 photo tiles in one weekend art show.   He is also arranging for us a demonstration of printing on metal.

a) Limited to first 15 DPI-SIG Members to register at:         <–  IMPORTANT TO REGISTER AT THIS E-MAIL
b) No guests
c) HITEK IMAGING, 1816 Airport Road South, Naples, FL 34112

July 24, 2013  (Wednesday, 6 to 8 PM)   Tour of Gallery 152
Dennis Goodman and Rhea Nichols, owners of Gallery 152, will demonstrate their new 64″ x whatever”  color printer and explain how they can reproduce your photographs “using the best quality materials at the least expensive cost.”   Dennis, a DPI-SIG member, and Rhea, will demonstrate the process of printing and stretching a canvas.   You will also be able to observe the gallery photographs of two DPI-SIG members: Dennis Goodman and Jane Ruprecht, as well as, other artists.
a) Limited to first 15 DPI-SIG Members to register at:         <–  IMPORTANT TO REGISTER AT THIS E-MAIL
b) No guests
c) GALLERY 152, 1900 Vanderbilt Beach Road #152, Naples, FL 34109     (Near TOAST)
November 2, 2013   Naples Heart Walk
Nancy Holland, American Heart Association, was overjoyed with the photos from 2012 and is pleased that we will agree to participant again.
She spent Christmas vacation putting together two slide shows of our photos for use throughout the year, and has found that several sponsors are asking for photos of their family members and dogs.
a) 6:50 AM to 10:30 AM  
b) Free Breakfast for Volunteers
c) Need 15 Volunteers      (registration closer to event)   (guests ok)
d) Reward is the good feeling of contributing to the AMA, a chance to practice your photography in a dynamic setting, and a free breakfast!!
Jan 11, 2014. Saturday,  Shy Wolf Calendar Photos
Deanna Deppen, VP Shy Wolf, suggested an earlier photo shoot so as to better show the animal’s winter coat.   She plans to fill the cages with discarded 
Christmas trees which will provide better backgrounds.
a) Limited to first 20 DPI-SIG Members        (registration closer to event)    (no guests)
b) Must be willing to enhance and submit photos to Shy Wolf 2015 Calendar in a timely fashion
c) Reward is the good feeling of contributing to Shy Wolf’s survival and the chance of seeing one of your photos on a calendar!!

Other Notes:
1. In the April Hot Air Balloon Outing,  I submitted 297 of your photos to Seminole Casino and asked them to pick a First, Second, and Third Winner.
If they need higher resolution photos for their own use, I will get back to you.    The submitted photos varied from 14.2 MB to 15 KB, so I would
I would guess that some of you need to submit higher resolution photos in the future.  
2. May Shy Wolf OutingPhotos are still being received by e-mail and the Thursday, June 13th DPI-SIG Meeting.
All photos should:
a. Be enhanced, but not cropped excessively,
b. Be high resolution jpg, and
c. Include your own name for each file photo!            
        examples:    image 01 by ArtieMorris.jpg                 <–  Notice  “.jpg”  endings
image 02 by ArtieMorris.jpg
  image 03 by ArtieMorris.jpg
For the Balloon Outing photos, Ron added your names to over 200 photos so that you will receive proper credit.  This is something you should be doing before submitting.   Each photo needs your own name within the name of the file.
Get Great Memorial Day Photos,

Ron Perkins
Director DPI-Sig Outings

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