DPI-SIG Polo Shirts

FINALLY!!! Something we’ve discussed for a l-o-n-g time!
Polo shirts  with  our logo are available!

Polo shirts with printed DPI-SIG logo

We offer small, medium, large and extra-large at $20.00 each.
Sizes available on special order:
Extra Small at no extra cost.
Extra-extra-large (2Xl and 3-Xl) at $2.00 extra.
Extra-extra-large (4Xl) at $4.00 extra.
Extra-extra-large (5Xl) at $5.00 extra.
Shirts can be purchased at the monthly meetings

Printed Shirts






                                           Printed DPI-SIG Shirts


The original embroidered shirts are still available as well:

DPI-SIG Shirts
Embroidered DPI-SIG Shirts








Call SEW SHORE UNIFORMS at (239)  774-4655,  extension 03 and ask for Becky Main to order your shirt.  Price  will vary  depending on number of orders, but generally figure on $40 per shirt (Add $2  for 2XL and $3 for 3XL).   If several members order shirts at  the same time,  there will be a price break on the embroidery of the logo.

SEW SHORE  UNIFORMS is located on 3845 Beck Blvd, Units 809/810, Naples FL  34114.  Beck Blvd. is the extension of Davis after crossing Rt. 951 (Collier  Blvd) on the
way to Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  DPI-SIG will NOT be taking  orders for  shirts.  It’s up to members to order on their own or get together  with  several members to order at once.  Notice the women’s & men’s