DPI-SIG Members Directory Service

DPI-SIG Members Directory Service

The information listed here is provided by individual DPI-SIG members and is for general information purposes only.
DPI-SIG, the Naples Digital Photography Club, Inc makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied regarding accuracy, adequacy, viability, reliability, availability or completeness.

Note: Fees may be involved. These activities are not part of the DPI-SIG benefits of membership.

Please contact the member directly via the provided email and/or telephone number

Sorted by Member Last Name

Karen Longordo
  • Photographer (Portrait/Family/Events)
  • Photographer (Landscape & Nature)
  • Photographer (Creative)
Email Karen (910) 795-8858
Michael Schleider
  • Lightroom Assistance
  • Apple computer and mobile device assistance
Email Michael (239) 272-4483
Jennie Spears Photographer (Portrait/Family/Event/Landscape/Creative) Email Jennie (239) 823-1864
Richard Tindell
  • Lightroom Assistance
  • Photoshop Assistance
Email Richard (239) 776-2718