Photo Critiques

PROPOSED New DPI-SIG Membership Privilege.
How it works:

1. Members email candidate photos to a DPI-SIG critique administrator via

2. Using first person come, first person served, the Administrator posts a member picture each week.

3. Each week, members are invited by email to visit posted picture of the week on the website and enter a comment there, about:

a) Good techniques they see used in the picture’s making

b) Ideas for technique improvement for future pictures of its type

c) Their overall positive view of the picture

4. First time comments are held for content approval and posting to the web page. This approval process means a delay before comments are seen on the web page.

5. Pictures and their critiques can be seen in the Breaking News/Blog and in the reference columns to the right of blog pages. See Category>Critique Corner in the archive for example.

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