DPI-SIG Membership Discount Program

Managed by John Levins, DPI-SIG Vendor Discount Program Director.


DPI-SIG has negotiated product discounts from the companies shown below. These discounts are a DPI-SIG member benefit and only available to DPI-SIG members. The club is continually working to secure new discounts so check this page often for updates.

How to Obtain the DPI-SIG Discount Code

To obtain the appropriate DPI-SIG discount code for any of the vendors, please email your request. You will be sent the requested discount code(s) in an e-mail reply message after your membership status has been verified.

NOTE: If you are not currently a member of DPI-SIG, you can join for a minimal annual dues of $40.00 per year and then take advantage of these great discount deals.

Photography Equipment

Acratech, Inc. – Acratech manufacturers a complete line of ballheads, quick release plates and clamps, leveling bases, lens plates, and other accessories.

Acratech is offering a 5% discount on their products.

The Acratech website is: www.acratech.net

Custom SLR – Custom SLR manufacturers a unique camera strap, the Camera Glide Strap and the Camera Split Strap along with several accessories.

Custom SLR is offering a 10% discount on their products.

The Custom SLR website is: www.customslr.com

ExpoImaging – ExpoImaging manufactures the Rogue brand of flash lighting reflectors, soft boxes, light benders, colored gels, white balance filters, a flash ring adapter, depth-of-field guides, and training DVDs.

ExpoImaging is offering a 15% discount on their products. Please note that the discount does not apply to product bundles, clearance items, or demo units.

The ExpoImaging website is: www.expoimaging.com

Lensbaby – Lensbaby produces an series of unique lenses, optics, and accessories that will attach to your SLR and help you produce fabulous images.  If you have not seen the sample gallery, visit the Lensbaby website.

Lensbaby is offering a 10% discount on their products.

The Lensbaby website is:  www.lensbaby.com

Lumiquest – Lumiquest manufactures flash bounce devices, flash diffusion devices, flash softboxes, a flash snoot, and flash colored gels.

Lumiquest is offering a 20% discount on their products.

The Lumiquest website is: www.lumiquest.com

Think Tank Photo – Think Tank Photo offers a premier line of photography bags, cases, harnesses, and straps for your photo gear.  The list of products is too extensive to describe here; check out their website.

Think Tank Photo is offering free gear with any DPI-SIG member order of $50.00 or more, PLUS they will pay the club a 20% commission on member orders, which we will use to buy their gift cards to give away at monthly meetings.

The Think Tank Photo website is:  www.thinktankphoto.com

Photography Magazines

Bonnier Corporation – The publisher of Popular Photography magazine and American Photo magazine.  Popular Photography is published monthly and is Popular Photography is the world’s largest photography magazine and a leading technical authority, buyers guide and how-to resource for the photo enthusiast.  American Photo is published six times per year and is a magazine for anyone who is interested in the art, craft and culture of photography.  The magazine provides a showcase of inspiring imagery, tells the stories behind the photographs, and identifies the trends, people, themes and tools that photography enthusiasts enjoy knowing.

Bonnier is offering our members an 83% discount off the cover price of Popular Photography, which means 12 issues for $10.00; and a 67% discount off the cover price of American Photo, which means 6 issues for $10.00.  These discounts apply to new subscriptions; the regular renewal rate will apply to renewals.  However, if you currently subscribe to either or both magazines, the discount will apply to your first renewal if you use our special order procedure.

You can learn more about these publications at: www.bonniercorp.com

GMC Publications – British publishers of Outdoor Photography magazine and Black+White Photography magazine, which are published monthly.  Outdoor Photography is dedicated to landscape, nature, and wildlife photography.  (Note: this is a different publication than Outdoor Photographer magazine.)  Black+White Photography is dedicated to monochrome photography.

GMC is offering our members a 40% discount on a new subscription to either or both magazines.

You can learn more about either magazine by visiting the GMC website at: www.thegmcgroup.com

Photography Software

Alien Skin Software – Alien Skin produces excellent Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins that help enhance your workflow and output. They offer six plug-ins: Exposure 4, Blow Up 3, Snap Art 3, Bokeh, Image Doctor 2, and Eye Candy 6. They also bundle all six products into the Photo Bundle software. The software runs on both Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Alien Skin is offering a 15% discount on any of their software products.

The Alien Skin website is: www.alienskin.com

Anthropics Technology Ltd. – Anthropics produces the Portrait Professional software.  Portrait Professional simplifies the process of improving faces and hair to create beautiful portraits.  The program can run stand-alone or as a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or Aperture for Windows or Mac systems.

Anthropics is offering a 20% discount.

The website is: www.portraitprofessional.com

cf/x Software – cf/x offers a complete line of image enhancement software applications for Apple OS X operating systems.  Titles include: collage, photo, mosaic, photo mosaic, cookie cutter, convert, contour collage, and the comprehensive alpha program which combines most of the other applications into one package.  You can download the software and try it free before you buy.  The software only runs on Mac OS X systems.

cf/x Software is offering a 30% discount on all of their products.

The cf/x website is:  www.cfxsoftware.com

Digital Anarchy – Digital Anarchy produces smart image enhancement plugins for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and some work in Apple Aperture.  Titles include: 3D Invigorator, Backdrop Designer, Beauty Box Photo, Primatte Chromakey, Texture Anarchy, and ToonIt Photo. They offer programs for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.  Trial versions are available.

Digital Anarchy is offering a 15% discount on their single products as well as their already discounted packages.

The Digital Anarchy website is:  www.digitalanarchy.com

HDRsoft – HDRsoft produces the Photomatix HDR software. There are two versions: Photomatix Pro and Photomatix Essentials. The software runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

HDRsoft is offering a 15% discount. It was negotiated by Peggy Farren. When you purchase, you will also receive a $10.00 certificate that is good for any of Peggy’s Understand Photography courses.

The HDRsoft website is: www.hdrsoft.com

Photodex Software – Photodex produces the ProShow family of products that are used by Jeff Bilyeau and Damaris Gonzalez to create our fabulous monthly theme slideshows. There are three ProShow products: ProShow Producer, ProShow Gold, and ProShow Web. Please note that ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold run on the Window operating system; they will not run on Mac OS X. ProShow Web will work with any computer that has Internet access regardless of operating system.

Photodex is offering a 10% discount on the three ProShow products. The discount does not apply to their “Effects” products or their books.

The Photodex website is: www.photodex.com

Photobacks – Photobacks sells an extensive line of digital image enhancement products to use with your photos. Their four main types of products are: 1) Digital Templates, also known as Photoshop Templates, Photobacks Templates, Digital Frames and Digital Overlays, 2) Digital Backdrops, also known as Digital Backgrounds, Digital Textures, Digital Papers and Digital Overlays, 3) Photoshop Actions, also known as Actions or Photobacks Actions, and 4) Video Tutorials, also known as Photoshop Tutorials, Training Tutorials or Webinars.  All of their products are delivered via discs and/or download.

Photobacks is offering a 15% discount on any of their products.

The Photobacks website is: www.photobacks.com

Topaz Labs – Topaz Labs produces 14 software programs and plug-ins that allow you to create unique effects and adjustments to your digital images.  Topics include: Clarity, B&W Effects, ReMask, ReStyle, Detail, InFocus, DeNoise and many more.  You can download a 30-day free trial for any product.  Each product is backed by free product upgrades for life along with lifetime support.

Topaz Labs is offering a 15% discount on all of their products until March 31, 2014.

The Topaz Labs website is: www.topazlabs.com

Unified Color Technologies – Unified Color Technologies produces three HDR software products: HDR Expose 2, 32 Float v2, and HDR Express. They also have a bundled version of of HDR Expose 2 and 32 Float v2. All their products run on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. The products will run as stand-alone applications or plug-ins for Lightroom or Aperture.

Unified Color Technologies is offering a 10% discount on all of their products.

The Unified Color Technologies website is: www.unifiedcolor.com

Photographic Services

Blurb – With Blurb, you’ll find all the tools you need to make your own photo book, whether you’re making a personalized wedding album, cookbook, baby book, travel photo book, or fundraising book. Count on bookstore-quality printing and binding, and a range of choices from Hardcover photo books to Softcover paperbacks in an array of trim sizes. The Blurb website offers free online book-making tools to create your own book. Learn how to publish a book and much more with the free how-to tips and tutorials or watch the two-minute BookSmart video and see how easy it is to make a coffee table photo book.

Blurb is not offering an ongoing discount to members but will offer special discount promotions that will be announced to the membership.  On an ongoing basis, Blurb will pay DPI-SIG a 15% commission on all member orders.  The Club will use the discount to purchase Blurb gift cards, which we will use as door prizes at our monthly meetings.  So, by using Blurb for your photo books you support the club and our door prizes.

The Blurb website is:  www.blurb.com

ScanCafe – ScanCafe is considered by many professionals to be the best source for scanning your old negatives, slides, and photos.  They also convert videos and movies into digital files.  Their standard service includes scratch and dust removal, color correction, red-eye removal, re-orientation, and correction of other minor damage.  They also offer a restoration service for more intensive correction as well as pro-level add-ons.  Coming soon is their new photo products offering where you can use your scanned images to create photo books, etc.; plus they will have a Photo Album Make-over product.

ScanCafe is offering us a 20% discount on their entire product line (except their “Value Kit” and external hard drives).

The ScanCafe website is:  www.scancafe.com

Photography Education & Training

Peachpit Press – Peachpit Press publishes technology books, eBooks, and videos targeted to creative people.  They include titles for Adobe Photoshop, digital photography, digital video, and much more.

Peachpit Press is providing a 30% discount on any of their titles PLUS they will pay DPI-SIG an 8% commission on member sales, which we will use to buy gift cards to give away at our monthly meetings.

The Peachpit Press website is:  www.peachpit.com

Questions & Comments

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for vendors you do not see here, send me an e-mail message at: dpi-venco@naples.net. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

John Levins, DPI-SIG Vendor Discount Program Director

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