Member Facebook Group

Members of DPI-SIG can be members of the club Facebook Group. It’s a great place for DPI-SIG club members to share pictures and ideas.

Existing members of club Facebook group may invite other club members to join the group. Here’s how:

1. Be sure the prospective group member IS  a member of the DPI-SIG Naples Digital Photography Club

2. The DPI-SIG club member must be a Facebook friend of your own as well

3.  Go to the DPI-SIG Facebook Group page at

4.  On the right hand side of the page there is a box.  Inside the box it says “+ add People to Group”

5. Type the DPI-SIG club member’s name in the box and press enter.


Alternatively, you can also click on “Invite by Email”.  A popup box will appear.  Type DPI-SIG club member’s email address in the box.  Then click “Invite”.  Note: It has to be the email address they used to register their Facebook account.