DPI-SIG Lending Library

This training lending library is an exclusive benefit available only to current DPI-SIG members.

The library consists of DVD and CD training programs that will help you improve and master your skills in:

  • General Photography Topics
  • Adobe Lightroom (Versions 1 through 5)
  • Adobe Photoshop (General Skills, plus Versions CS2 through CS6)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Kelby Training
  • Studio Lighting

How the Library Works

  1. Review the DPI-SIG Library Catalog.
  2. Complete the ONLINE REQUEST FORM form marking the items you would like to borrow.
  3. Collection of your requested items will be communicated via the email you provide on the form.

NOTE: Each member may request one DVD or CD program at a time.  At this time, we cannot lend multiple programs at the same time to any one member.

One of our Library Administrators (John Levins or Sonny Saunders) will process your request, verify that you are current with your DPI-SIG dues, and respond to you via e-mail that your request has been received and processed.  Your reply message will include instructions on how you pick up your program, or the message will tell you that you are on a waiting list for the program.

Receive Your Program – If the program you requested is available at the time of your request, you will be able to pick up your DVD at the next scheduled monthly meeting. Sorry, we will not be able to mail DVDs to members, you must attend the monthly meeting to pick up your DVD.

If someone else has already borrowed the program you select, your name will be put on a program request list for that program.  Names will be added to the program request list in the order they are received in the event that multiple members request the same DVD program.  As soon as the program is available, you will be notified that you can pick it up at the next scheduled monthly meeting.

If your selection is not available, you may request another program.

Lending Period – Each program may be borrowed for one month.  You should return the program at the next monthly meeting after the one in which you received the DVD.  (Example: You pick up your program in July; you return it in August.)  We want all members to have access to the programs so we cannot allow any single program to be held by one member for multiple months.  If you will be unable to attend the monthly meeting when your program is due for return, you should contact one of the Library Administrators to arrange a time to return the program prior to the meeting.

Growing the Library

If you have any DVD or CD training programs that you would like to donate to the library, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please send an e-mail message to (dpi-library@naples.net) and either Sonny or Don will contact you to discuss adding your programs to the library.  We hope, through the help of all of our members, we can grow the library to include several hundred programs that can help our members improve their photography knowledge and skills.