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DPI-SIG members** are invited to ask photography and imaging questions of the general membership, in which there are many knowlegeable photographers and photo editors with skills in various photo topics.

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See the example “Good Site for Learning About Digital Photography” in the “Ask Expert
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Ask an Expert — 3 Comments

  1. Sonny Saunders
    We are back in Vermont and in the process of putting our house on the market.
    One realtor we interviewed seems especially plugged into hi tech digital to present our property. Here are the quotes:
    -HDR and flash photograph a technique used by architects that produce evenly exposed images.
    -Use of a 4K video camera w/associated equipment gimbals and a 4K drone
    Do you have any comments on his technology?
    Thanks for your help
    Joe Lauria

  2. Hi, I’m here in vacation. My home photo group is unlimited vision from Waukesha Wisconsin. We are a PSA member. I’m going to Sanbel Ding Darling on Monday. What is the best time of day? Am or sunset? Any Egrett nesting site shots you can get with a 200-400mm. Any favorite spots? I’m particularly interested in groups of Egretts and spoonbills. Or babies but I’m aware it’s probably too soon for the latter.
    Best regards

    Sent from my iPhone

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