Outing: Antique Car Rally

Antique Car Rally with Cool Cruisers Car Club of SW Florida

Cool Cruisers holds a weekly Saturday Cruise-in from 9-12PM at Stock Plaza shopping center, located on Collier Boulevard and Grand Lely Drive. The location is directly across from the Verona Walk Community. There is plenty of parking, and restaurants such as Skillets, Five Guys, Palumbo’s Pizzeria and more to come.

All DPI-SIG members can meet in front of Five Guys at 9:00 AM to coordinate and discuss shooting tactics so as not to disrupt the event. More details coming.

Outing: Pepper Ranch Sunflowers in Bloom

Spend the morning, or longer, photographing the fall blooming of sunflowers at Pepper Ranch. Fields of sunflowers, meandering deer and other wildlife, and beautiful landscapes await. We will be limited to 30 people, so it will be first come, first serve when sign-ups are announced. [More information]

We will adjust this date, if necessary, depending on the timing of the bloom. Stay tuned.