Balloon Outing update and recap as of 3/27/2012

Information from Les Schwartz, DPI-SIG Outings Director

Details are STILL  developing for the Balloon outing !!!  April 13, 14, 15

This will be a B I G Event. 

There is a lot going on there, a lot – day and night, besides balloons.

The Balloon Festival has a 21 page brochure describing all of the happenings taking place during the Festival.  I will not try to describe or even attach the brochure.  see the the previous Outings post on this website.

Read through the happenings during the Festival and choose when you want to be there.  Besides the Balloon events, (dawn and dusk, both days), this is a musical extravaganza as well.  Kinda like a Woodstock for those whose parents told them about it or those who were there and can still remember. 

You need to signup by April 10.  Les Schwartz, the Outings Director has arranged to provide each with a Media Pass  which will give us access to areas “off limits” to the public.  A great opportunity to get unique photos.  He will need your name as you want it to appear on the badge and the time you will arrive at the festival.  Once we know who is going and when, we can look at car-pool possibilities. There is a parking fee (am negotiating) but car-pooling is still a good idea. 

A DPI-SIG Contest:


Coming off the Kowiachobee experience, you may enter the Balloon Festival Contest by sending, via email, reduced size images of your 5 best shots, as entries for the contest

Follow the instruction for Club competitions

 1.  Make the computer file name of each of your images as follows:
              The name of the image in CAPITAL LETTERS  followed by a space
                         followed by your name (as maker) in upper and lower case followed by a dot
                         followed by the letters “jpg”       

                        Example of correct entry:     FRESH TULIPS by John Doe.jpg    ( Format your entry like this)
                        Note:     JPG is the only type of digital image that is acceptable  (not BMP, GIF,TIFF, CR2, NEF, etc.)

2.  Resize your photos (using your photo editor or similar software*)

      – Resize the image to fit 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high
      – Horizontal side no larger than 1024 pixels and vertical side no larger than 768 pixels
      – No adjustment of DPI (dots per inch) resolution of photos necessary
     –  NOTE: Each properly resized image will be approximately 1/2 MB (megabyte)

3.  Email your images as E-mail attachments to:

     Include in the body of the e-mail:
                – Name of maker: your first and last name
                – Photo title (of each image)

                – The number of images entered

4. Winners will be required to provide full sized images

In all correspondence to Les Schwartz the Dpi-Sig Outings Director regarding the Balloon Festival – April 13-14-15, Please included the word “BALLOON” in the subject field.

Contact Les Schwartz, DPI-Outings Director: 

PS.  Do we have a member who has photographed Balloons and is willing to provide some pointers on special techniques for the  shooting Hot Air Balloons.  If you’re out there, contact Les so we can schedule some time for your wisdom at our meeting on April 12th.

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