Policies & Procedures, Bylaws

Club Bylaws


The primary mission of the DPI-SIG Naples Digital Photography Club is to enhance the photography skills of its members through friendly educational opportunities and club activities.In all these activities as well as in photographic activities where they represent the club, members will support applicable laws, regulations and community standards especially regarding intellectual property, copyright, pornography, and will not condone the exploitation of others, of wildlife or of the environment through our actions.

We will not, nor be party to, discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, creed, religion or political affiliation and will not tolerate it in our club, its publications or its activities.

Violations of these core values jeopardize our mission and standing in the community and may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors including censure or expulsion from the club.

DPI-SIG Policy for Selling Items

All members in good standing, may bring item or items to a regular monthly meeting and offer on the For Sale Table, and/or announce it at the meeting.  If it doesn’t sell at the meeting, send an email to dpi-sig @ naples.net, listing the item and contact information, and it will be listed in the DPI-SIG Meeting Notes.

Event announcements

Anyone may promote an event by making an announcement at a meeting. If the information is then submitted by e-mail, before the after-meeting report is sent, it will be publicized in the Meeting Notes.

The DPI-SIG policy is that we do not promote notices of events offered by any other photography club in the Naples area.