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Greetings DPI-SIG members and visiting guests,

This information sharing service is one of the benefits to club membership.  With it, we hope to exchange location ideas and the experiences our members have had taking photographs at those sites.  Unlike our organized group outing trips, this section is intended more for places you may wish to visit solo or with a friend.

Any location of visual interest may be submitted, such as but certainly not limited to:  nature preserves, scenic trails and vistas, landmarks, parks, beaches and waterways, etc.  Locations should be within reasonable driving distance typically, but places a bit further may be considered for an extended area listing if they are worth the drive or checking out if one finds themselves in that area, and it is not a well known spot.

Members may submit new locations, or append and improve existing information here{weblink}.

Access to the site information collection is restricted to members-only and may be accessed here {weblink}. A members-only password will be required for access. The password will be sent out by email to all members. .

Email Contact:   DPI-SIG Photo Locations Editor   (Deborah Law)